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The Book of Mormon

Eugene O'Neill Theatre
230 W 49th Street, New York, NY
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From Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, and Bobby Lopez, co-creator of Avenue Q, comes a new Broadway musical that Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls "the best musical of this century. The kind of newborn, old-fashioned, pleasure-giving musical that our grandparents told us left them walking on air. Heaven on Broadway." Entertainment Weekly says THE BOOK OF MORMON is "the funniest musical of all time," and Jon Stewart of The Daily Show declares it's "a crowning achievement, so good it makes me angry."

Don't miss "the monster hit Broadway's been desperate for"(New York Post) and get your tickets now for THE BOOK OF MORMON.

Parental advisory: explicit language.

Member Reviews
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Very funny, very smart
Jul 29, 2015
Amazing plot, amazing music, outstanding performance. Very funny, clever humor- it's definately one of the best shows I have seen.
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Best Play Ever!!!
Jul 29, 2015
I waited a long time to see this play and the wait was well worth it!! You have to go in with an open mind knowing who the creators are but they certainly delivered. It was hilarious and entertaining....just a great overall musical! It certainly lived up to its reputation!
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Best show for those who do not love Broadway
Jul 29, 2015
I have seen a few Broadway shows in my life, but I have never been more excited then to see The Book of Mormon. My girlfriend, who loves Broadway, and I went to the Saturday matinee and despite one of the two leads being played by the understudy, it was by far the best play I have ever seen. I was laughing out loud multiple times and the pace of jokes was quick.

If you love South Park you will love The Book of Mormon.
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Jul 29, 2015
The show was hysterical. Very well written and acted. Something i highly recommend for teenagers and older.
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Aug 1, 2015
I took my boyfriend to see this as his very first Broadway show and he sang the tunes for the rest of the week. It was so very funny and bright, we would both go again.
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Holds true to the hype
Aug 9, 2015
I took my wife for her birthday and we had an amazing time. Although we've heard a lot about the show, we were captivated from scene opening till end. This is a brilliant show I would gladly see again.
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Would go again in a heart beat
Apr 11, 2016
OMG, irreverent, hilarious, and enjoyable. Not for kids or over sensitive people.
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Left in Stitches and with a Warm Heart.
Mar 6, 2017
What a wonderfully upbeat and hilarious show. In addition to it's comedic take on religion and faith, it is a feel-good show that will surprise you in more ways than one. I've seen Wicked, Lion King, Les Mis, Phantom, and many more. This the best!
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Love this
Jan 26, 2018
As someone who is Mormon, and can laugh at myself about some of the things we believe, if you really see, they are far from what the LDS church believes at the end. Love the music, love the play itself. Would recommend to anyone.
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Very well put together!
Jul 28, 2015
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Roaring with Laughter
Jul 28, 2015
This show had me laughing from beginning to end. The clever plot and music always had you crying with laughter. It made fun of other musicals while being completely original. I would see it again.
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Jul 28, 2015
This show was in one word, amazing. I actually really enjoy Southpark and this type of humor was perfect for me. Under all the crass humor lies real heart.
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Poignant Religious Commentary with Crude Jokes and Catchy Tunes
Jul 29, 2015
The Book of Mormon will have you laughing for most of the show, and if you are not laughing you will be pondering the great mystery of religion. The writing is very witty, and if you are a fan of the show South Park, then you won't have to struggle to see the same style of humor from the show brought to the stage. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Robert Lopez have created a wonderful show, and it is definitely worth the watch.
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Very funny
Jul 28, 2015
Very funny show, outstanding acting, outstanding soundtrack! Better enjoyed if you have a good sense of humor though.
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Funny but not clever
Jul 28, 2015
I was a bit disappointed in this play as I'd heard rave reviews. It was funny but in a 13-year-old-boy kind of way. If you love South Park, you will love The Book of Mormon.

If you'd rather not laugh at the beliefs of others, go elsewhere.
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