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WOWPoints: The Most Valuable Rewards Currency
Supported by Thousands of Merchants
WOWPoints are loyalty Points that you can Earn and Redeem when you shop through this site. More
How Does It Work?
Browse to any category you'd like and select a merchant. Click "Shop Now" and complete your purchase on the merchant site as you normally would. If you buy something, the merchant will notify us within a few days. We will then credit WOWPoints to your account. More
INSTAEarn Merchants
On INSTAEarn merchants, you can complete purchases without leaving this site, and get your WOWPoints even faster. More

Get Rewarded For Shopping

Other Points
Built to Encourage Accumulated Rewards
As Good as Cash
As Valuable and Flexible
100 WOWPoints = $1 No Fixed Exchange Rate
Never Expire No Expiration Date Expires After 2 Years or 6 Months of Inactivity
No Blackout Dates
No Blackouts  
Triple Dip [?]
Earn WOWPoints on Top of Rewards like Airline Miles  
Earn Everytime
you make a purchase
Earn WOWPoints on Top of Regular Offers  
Shop for Free
across thousands of merchants
Burn for as little as 250 WOWPoints No Rewards Until Thousands of Points are Accumulated
INSTAEarn TM [?]

WOWPoints are Credited to Your Account Instantly  
Earn 50% More
With 5 STAR Status  
With 5 STAR Status